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Whether you want to master the mind for yourself, a sales career or grow your business, Kevin will help you manage your emotions, habits and goals so you can overcome your past, perform at your peak and be totally in love with your life.


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Trust your intuition and success will follow

Kevin Paulraj

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Kevin conducts a 1:1 and group tailored coaching programs with resources, tools and a winning community to strike change and success in all of his happy clients. The guiding principles and philosophy of Kevin's principles is A.C.E.S.

Mindset expert, coach, entrepreneur and keynote speaker

Today Kevin Paulraj is a mindset expert, coach, entrepreneur and a keynote speaker who has coached and trained 100s of people from all walks of life on a global scale.

But it wasn’t always that way.

In his early years Kevin was teased for being an indian, told he was worthless, and at one point even became convinced that he was mentally challenged due to believing the stories of others. 

Desperate for an answer Kevin discovered 2 books that began his journey in the area of self development and he was never the same...

Drug addiction, extreme anxiety, mastering the art of sales and persuasion, getting kicked out of home, relationship breakdowns, leading and managing teams on an international level, learning the secrets of the mind and discovering truth finally lead him on the path of discovering his purpose; 

To open the minds of humanity to the growth, love and abundance within, so they can perform at their peak and fall in love with their lives.